Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The days have been rainy and we have no roof, but things are coming along
Here's the mess in the studio

 And a better shot of the spring isolators, which are now all hung.
 Here's the pile of trash I found in our backyard...
 Which used to be the chimney
And here, finally, is our new roof. the first section went in today. Tomorrow we pour the concrete for the control room roof and floor!
And here are some shots from our now totally disgusting basement. I tried to take a look at the wood diffuser panels in that RPG box but I don't want to tear it open and risk making things worse yet. I'm gonna wait until the new roofs are on sturdily.
 And here's the new water heater. I don't really know why that's already in, but it is.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunday saw the most rainfall in a single day in new york city recorded history. 12". And I still don't have a roof. We seem to have survived the flooding though

First lets take a look at the Kinetics spring isolation clips the studio ceiling is going to be hung from. Here's a close up
 and here's a bigger shot. Another set of hat channel is hung from the vertical cold-rolled steel strips which we will then treat as the ceiling joists.
 In the back you can get another view of some of the HVAC ducts going up above the control room
 Here's where the HVAC comes in to the live room. As you can see the ducts are a little oversized so the project's on hold for a minute while my PE can re-evaluate them to try and get the size down a litte.
 Here is my very wet basement. You can kinda see the boxes with my diffuser pannels in them. They're untreated, and I have an odd feeling I lost them in this storm. I'm gonna have to take a look next week and see if I have to order new ones. Which would be a serious bummer, but there's no use complaining about the rain.
 And here's the second floor. The Warmboard plywood radiant flooring system is partially installed, but that at least seems to have survived the rains, if a little damply.
 And out on the roof you can see where the hvac punches through into the studio. It takes up a bit of my patio, but really, who cares?

 Here's the highly contested three dimensional holo-roof.
 And finally one more picture of the water damage in the apartment. That's all stuff I'm still NOT planning on replacing. Looks like it may not be an option. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Things are moving now! There's some action in the space

 Here's a close up of one of the two giant hvac units for the studio. They had to bring it in through the front windows and get it out back before we put a door in.
 The HVAC guys have started running ducts through the roof.

 Here's the new dry well in the back yard. Only the last roof runs into the yard anyway and it's pretty dry back there so I'm not expecting any major flooding. Fingers crossed.
And here's a view of the second floor now that there is a floor! The second floor, just like the first is going to be 3/4" plywood, two layers of 5/8" cement board, 1" Warmboard radiant plywood flooring and engineered hardwood. Hopefully four inches of solid floor plus hanging the ceiling downstairs will be enough to let me sleep if somebody wants to play a Pete Townshend solo at four in the morning.