Sunday, July 24, 2011

There's not much too exciting visually this week, but a lot of work got done.

First the chimney was removed from the first and second floor. On the first floor where the brick will be exposed they covered it up nice.

 And the windows got filled in with bricks from the old back wall. You can't even tell where they were anymore except for the subtle brick patterns that used to be above them.
 And here's Brigitte surveying the space now that all of the ceiling joists are in. Next step: Floors!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here's some shots of the basement. The wall looks lonely without all of the boilers. Only the hot water heater for the third floor is left

Here's the new power installation. 3 phase 400 amp service. Just in case I ever want to open a restaurant in the lounge. 
 and here's our power conditioner. I got it for $450 from a data center in Kentucky. Hopefully it will work.
 Upstairs things are coming together. Here's a view from the front
 The control room is wide open now. And big.
 Here's a view from the back corner
 And here's my barren back yard since my neighbor made me take down my trees.
 If you read my blog you'll hear about the incident with the clothesline. Here are some pictures to show you how ridiculous it was.
 Seriously? That's what was holding it up? And that's somehow my responsibility?
 Up to the second floor. Plywood subflooring is going in!

 And out back the rear wall of our patio is in. The one nice thing about losing that tree is that now we get some sun. If only I liked the sun...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thanks Dept of buildings, but no thanks.

Note the date: Saturday of 4th of July weekend. And they were surprised we weren't there?