Saturday, October 13, 2012

Finally, a big picture update! Lets start in the apartment. Floors!!

And then down to the studio. Also floors!

The basic framing for the windows between the iso booths are in. 

The live room is starting to look big.

Here's the view from the hot seat. I imagine this is pretty much what I'll be looking at all day for the next thirty years (at least)

And here's the control room viewed from the live room

Cables are all draped out of the machine room so we could put the floors in. 

We used renovation style cans for lighting in the soffits because they're smaller. Hence more room for absorbtion.

In the basement the boilers have all been installed.

The red pex tubing is for the radiant heat flooring.

And here's a good shot of our brand new electrical.

Including my twenty one year old Leibert Datawave magnetic synthesizer, which STILL WORKS! It's a friggin miracle. The clean side of the studio is getting exactly 120v with less then .01% THD. Amazar. 

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