Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tony and his crew are back, and the soffits are being built

We made an executive decision to drywall off all the HVAC ducts inside the soffits to save ourselves a little more volume for bass trapping. 

One crew is running around the room building a sheetrock box for the ducts, and the other crew is following them building the frame of the soffits.

 The HVAC crew are back, rehanging the control room ductwork so that Tony's crew can build that soffit as well before they leave sunday morning

They also framed the ceiling in to iso booth A, the sound lock and the machine room

This one was a puzzle: how to get water to the back yard without risking it eventually leaking inside the control room walls. The answer turned out to be pex tubing run inside a sheath of pvc. That way if the pex breaks and starts leaking out the side we can just pull it out and run a new stretch. 

We've had the front window out in order to move materials in, so I had a better angle to take some shots of the lounge. The kitchenette is going along the wall directly in front of this shot, where the compressor is sitting. 

And here is as far as the bathroom has come. It's not really a priority at the moment... 

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