Friday, July 20, 2012

Painting is fun! And by fun I mean not at all fun. While I've been putting a coat of primer on the apartment a ton of work has been going on downstairs.
 The electrical panels are in place. The one to the left is for all of the studio equipment with isolated grounds. The right is for computers / kitchen / lights etc. 
 Here are some outlet boxes in the back wall of the machine room which I'm wondering about. They seem a little close to the technical wiring for me. 
Electrical wires need to run inside the back wall since there will be a secondary wall installed.
 Above the machine room is finally drywalled up.

 The plans showed both the technical wiring and a power outlet in the same spot :) so the power got bumped slightly to the left. Sorry Wes!
 HVAC party
 Here's one of the main panels in the live room.
 The first iso booth is going to have some acoustic paneling on the wall which the switches will be mounted in, so for now they're just dangling. 
 Another circuit breaker box? I need to ask about this one. 
 And heres some shots of the finished technical wiring runs in the basement. The power lines in the front of the shot are no longer hooked up. 

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