Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tony, Brian, Ray and Tiffany have been kicking ass all this week. The whole place is finally framed up! Plus to top it off Ray cooked us all dinner the other night, including a risotto of wild mushrooms that he and Tiffany had foraged in his back yard. No risotto will ever look as good again. 

Here's the view from the front door, which is a shot I've taken dozens of at this point and I think it's finally outlived it's usefulness. From now on all you'll be able to see is the bathroom.

But from the live room looking at the front door you can see the iso booths going up.

Looking from Booth A in to Booth B

And here's from the live room through Booth A to the lounge

I'm finally getting a feel for the size of the live room. It's gonna be plenty big to fit all of our crap.

And the front wall of the control room is going up as well

Here's a close up of some of the angle work from the side. I watched Tony put pieces up, take them back down, and recut them dozens of times before he was happy with it. There's nothing like working with genuine craftsmen. 

This side is the sound lock and entrance to the control room. Tony's hiding. 

And this side is the machine room

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