Friday, September 30, 2011

 Lets start with the studio. Here's what it's looking like nowadays. Now that the permits are cleared on the second floor we're having some issues with the first (go figure) but things are edging along.
 These beams are for upstairs but they're actually too short. We ordered more today
 Here's the pile of unfinished hvac parts that the crew left behind when they decided to walk off. Some sort of contractor dispute. Hopefully we'll have somebody new in fixing their work some time this week.

 And here's the new soundproof rear door we just had installed. Some people use these for their whole studio. We don't have that kind of cash, but we put one in the back wall to keep the control room isolated from my neighbors back yards. I hope they appreciate it.

 And heres' a shot of the now cleaned-as-it's-gonna-get-for-a-while basement. Significantly less gross than before

Now for the second floor. The roof of the control room already has a little lake on it :) Eventually it will drain off on to the other roof. Sadly it rained all week again so there was no sign off the roofers.

 The apartment as it stands now is looking pretty good. Ceiling heights aren't going to be what I hoped. Just over 8 feet for most of the apartment, and 9 for the bedroom and living rooms. Still better than it could be!
 And here's the radiant flooring with some lines on it showing where the walls are going to end up. Soon we will have walls. It's gonna be crazy.

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