Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 3

And so begins Week 3. 
Here are some stock shots from the front of the room

 And these are much clearer views of the extension which is going to be come the control room

 And now for some fun stuff: closeups of some of the amazing joist work done in the ceiling over the past one hundred years!

 This raised portion is the extension on the second floor out over the roof that at one point housed the kitchen. In order to keep run off from the rest of the room from being a problem they just slammed some joists along side the existing ones and put the finished floor right on top of them. Who needs a subfloor anyway?

 This is the added second stairwell.
 And this is the second floor bathroom directly across from that stairwell. Yes, all the joists are severely cut up on this side.
 And here are some shots of the apartment on the second floor now that it's coming apart.

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